we know that every house becomes a home,
that every home belongs to a street,
and that every street makes a community.
we're here to make this happen.

At Philip Wooller we specialise in selling and letting houses and flats. With 20 years experience in the business, a real knowledge of the area in which we live and a commitment to providing a service that is as personal as it is professional, we believe in making the task of selling or letting a home an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

We place enormous importance on the relationships we form with our clients and customers alike. Such relationships are based on careful listening and accurate advice, and then – crucially – on working together on a strategy that is tailored to suit specific needs, wishes and requirements.

Once set in motion, the job of finding the right home for you can take time, but it needn’t be stressful. Good, honest information, regularly provided makes for a positive and purposeful experience. To this end, we welcome the opportunity to talk things through, here in the comfort of our shop, or out and about.

Please be advised. We are as technologically advanced as the next estate agent. But we remain firm fans of the phone, of making instant contact.

Call us.

Philip Wooller

A client once said to me that they wouldn’t want to do my job for all the tea in China; to a young sales negotiator this seemed slightly demeaning.  I soon came to realise though that this was simply testament to the toughness of the job and only spurred me on.  Throughout twenty years as an estate agent and over thousands of local property transactions there have, of course, been difficult times, but my satisfaction is derived from the fact that I have only made friends in this business.  The people are my motivation, hence underpinning my belief that the best estate agents belong in their communities and not their head offices.   

Consolidating my success as an estate agent with particular expertise in Brackenbury, Brook Green and Shepherd’s Bush, I look forward to providing a truly personalised service from start to finish.

We don’t just sell or let homes, we live here and are part of the community and will go out of our way to help.

Jennifer Christodoulou

I’ve lived and worked locally for 20 years and our family are now settled just off Askew Road. We purchased and sold our Brook Green property back in the 90’s, and have kept in touch with our agent Philip Wooller ever since; not everyone can say this of their estate agent!

When asked to join him in this exciting venture I just knew that it would be a great thing to be involved in; it’s an opportunity to bring together my experience in lettings and the local connections that I’ve amassed. Having witnessed things change so much, I now relish the opportunity to work in this thriving area.

Robyn True-Cheswright

Originally from New England in the States, I have now been living in West London for the past 18 years. I moved into the Brackenbury area 10 years ago and Philip Wooller sold our last house for us. I have two children that attend the local primary school and I'm an active member of the local community. I love the area and as a family we take full advantage of everything it has to offer. Prior to working for Philip Wooller I worked in an integrated marketing agency in Clerkenwell and have more recently been a full time mum.

Cathy Masser

Askew Road has always been a friendly and communal spot, but it has been exciting for all local residents to see the area grow up into a relaxed, vibrant, family-friendly community.

So I had absolutely no hesitation in joining Philip, Jen and Robyn; they have a warm and unique approach to matching clients and property, and it’s great to bring my knowledge of the local area to support them with this. In addition, I get to take lots of nice photographs of some fantastic properties (I was a photographer in my previous life, prior to having children) for our clients’ marketing. Plus it’s the best commute I’ve ever had; I live in the Askew Road area, just 5 minutes away from the shop.

Ben Hannen

My family and I have been settled in the local area for over 10 years and I have lived in west London all of my life and I went to school locally.

I previously worked as an estate agent in Chiswick for seven years before taking a break from the industry and now returning to work for my old neighbour and friend Philip Wooller.

I love the local area as it has such a great mix of restaurants and coffee shops, family friendly open spaces, wonderful independent shops along Askew Road, and of course great homes to sell.